<span class='titulo-post'>14th Northwest Visual Arts Biennial.</span><span class="descripcion-post"></span>
<span class='titulo-post'>14th Northwest Visual Arts Biennial.</span><span class="descripcion-post"></span>
<span class='titulo-post'>14th Northwest Visual Arts Biennial.</span><span class="descripcion-post"></span>

(Español) Exposición de arte contemporáneo que tiene como propósito reconocer, fortalecer, estimular y difundir la creación artística en el Noroeste de México.

Instituto Sinaloense de Cultura, Instituto de Cultura de Baja California, Instituto Sonorense de Cultura, Instituto Sudcaliforniano de Cultura, Galería de Arte Antonio López Sáenz.

With the intent to recognize and foment the development of visual arts in the northwest of our country, the cultural institutes of the member states of the Regional Fund for Culture and Arts –Baja California, Baja California Sur, Sinaloa and Sonora– joined efforts to celebrate the 14th Biennial of Northwester Visual Arts. The Culture Institute of Sinaloa is pleased to serve as the first headquarter of the exhibition integrated by the works of twenty-nine selected artists. The proposals approach such diverse topics as love, migration, nostalgia, politics, and violence, and they make use of both traditional media and the latest technology applied to art.

Visual arts are an effective instrument for generating changes. The corpus of the sample gives account of the aesthetic heritage from diverse vanguards and the influence of current artistic movements that take place in the center of the country, as well as in the United States, where the continuity is the search for innovate and build ways of expression, that deeply mark the development of contemporary art in the northwest.

Carl Jung mentions that the creative act takes place at the level of consciousness, although the creative process is of unconscious nature. From this precept we know that the aesthetic intention is voluntary and during its process of conformation the work is getting filled with unconscious contents and ideas; which is exposed here and warns us to close the circle of creative-communicative act with our conscious interpretation.

Stephanie Cortés
Curator gaals

Jessica Marilú Sánchez Pérez, Julio M. Romero, David Arturo Vera Ibarra, Chantal Peñalosa Navarro, Enrique Rashide Serrato Frías, Karina Villalobos, Pablo Llana, Gabriel Rodríguez Villalpando, Jaime Ruiz Otis, Ana Lourdes Barriga Montoya, Juan Evaristo Bautista Castro, Dámaris Neftalí Bojórquez Gámez, Manuel Alejandro Curiel Sordia, Izhar Gómez Flores, Pedro Gilberto González Angulo, Alfredo Káram Orantes, Esteban Lechuga Bringas, Juan Carlos Licón Almada, Carlos Eduardo López Pantoja, Iván Raymundo Manríquez López, Pedro Manuel Moa García, Roberto Pacheco-M., Jesús Eduardo Ramos Higuera, Rubén Rivera García, Carlos Rodríguez García, Míriam Yisel Salado Esquer, José Hugo Sánchez Jiménez, Miguel Ángel Valencia Váldes and Manuel Velázquez Carlock.

Stephanie Cortés (Mexico City, 1983). Ethno-historian focused on art, cultural heritage and the preservation of the cultural legacy at the Sinaloa Art Museum. She studied Plastic Arts at the José Limón Arts School and the Autonomous University of Sinaloa, and Etno-history at the National School of Anthropology and History. She is the lead researcher and curator of the Cultural Institute of Sinaloa, where she develops projects to rescue the cultural heritage of the regional ethnic groups.

Sculpture, Photography, Painting, Textile, Video


August 8, 2014 - October 5, 2014

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Photos by: Carlos Varela